Beauty And The Beast Picture

beauty and the beast picture
Will Toy Story 3 get a best picture nomination at the academy awards?

I really think it deserves a nomination, but do you think it will?

Considering that:
It’s a sequel, and sequels are rarely nominated.

It is animated which kind of lowers it’s chances because the best Animated feature gives the academy an easy way out.

Unlike other animated best picture nominees (Beauty and the Beast in 1991, Up in 2010) it has a more childish theme.

It does have a ‘nostalgia’ factor, and the academy gave Lord of the Rings: Return of the King the best picture award as a way of awarding the whole series at once, and the previous Toy Story films were critically acclaimed and Toy Story 2 won the Golden Globe for Best Picture Comedy or Musical.

There will be 10 best picture nominees this year, so do you think Toy Story 3 has a chance?

Haven’t seen it yet, but being an animation film and a (second) sequel does’t level its chances for an Oscar nod. It depens and on the competition…