Beauty And The Beast Part 8

beauty and the beast part 8
What would be a good part to play in “Beauty and the Beast”?

My son in year 8 hasn’t mad much experience in Musicals, but he really wants to get into it! The annual musical is on, Beauty and the Beast but he doesn’t know which character to go for!

He told me that he was thinking about Chip or the Flute!

If you could help anymore it would be most welcoming!


The only part for a boy of 8 would be Chip unless he’s doing a junior production or the director has added miscellaneous magical objects. You can check out the roles in the show here:

Honestly I have never heard of a flute in Beauty & the Beast so I’m not sure what other role he may be thinking of unless he means Lumiere the candelabra which would be too mature a role for an 8 year old. Even in a junior production the role will likely go to a more mature actor. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t go for whatever role he feels most a kin to *if* this is a junior production. If this is a regular full scale production, the only role he can audition for is Chip or ensemble if they’ve added children.

You should make sure to find out all the requirements for auditioning. Most likely he will have to sing about 16 bars of a song. In general you do not sing a song from the show. You sing something in your vocal range in a style similar to the show you are auditioning for that somewhat fits the role you want.

If you need additional help, please find out the specifics of the audition requirements then post another question or message me.

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