Beauty And The Beast Part 2

beauty and the beast part 2
Beauty and the Beast Play…?

i’m a sophomore in high school and i recently auditioned for and got the part of Belle in a beauty and the beast touring play. Beauty and the beast is my favorite movie ever and i would love to do this but im just having a dilemma becuase being belle in the play would mean missing more than a semester of school 2 tour
ne suggestions?
I AM serious about this i just didn’t know it would conflict with my school schedule BEFORe i auditionmed

I agree with his_grace2810. It can be a very hard decision to make. You don’t want to go into this lightly. Think ahead on what you want to do with your life and if this would be the step in the right direction. If you are really concerned about missing school there is always an option of homeschooling for a time so that you are where you need to be educationaly. I wish you the best of luck

(I’m going to be auditioning for Beauty and the Beast in January for a theatre troupe I’m a part of and I’m really excited… It’ll be a great experience.)