Beauty And The Beast Painting

beauty and the beast painting
Rate and hate the poetry…?

It’s actually a 30 bars line up… but I cut lines and pieces out so you don’t have to read it all…

I stand tall but near the ground, I fear the sound
Of the haunted broken voices and the tears of a clown
And as he whips them away they smear a frown
Across his grill with the guilt, but appear as a crown
But he’s no king, he’s a joker in this queens palace
A break-up’s Wonderland and him being Alice
Hat’s off to the mad, who sees Dees and Dums
With the fear that Beauty and Beast might touch
Now that’s a fairy-tale who’s going through
And if you can decode it, then you know it’s true
The Rabbit was a Snake, and the Hole was you
Trying to fill lies with your self-built Golden Truth
Sealing a heart broken into, together with safety glue
This is the heart, these are the emotions…take these too
Getting heated inside now, this Matrix might melt
Get this… the clown is someone, I very well painted myself

nice, 8.5, wasn’t better than the one I commented on earlier but this is good..