Beauty And The Beast On Stage

beauty and the beast on stage
Beauty and the Beast Jr?

I recently landed a role Mademe de la Grande Bouche in Beauty and the Beast Jr. and I’m really upset. My friend forced me to try out even though since her mom runs the shows I knew she would get Belle and now I’m not even the second best role Ms Potts. I’m just this random person and I usually like to continue doing a great job even if I don’t get the role I want but if I’m not even gonna be on stage then I’m gonna drop out. So is it a good role?

It’s a GREAT role! Especially if you are a natural comedienne! Okay, I’m a little biased because I’m an aspiring opera singer, but I don’t think I’d be cast in the role because I’m really slender. *sigh* Even if you are just in the chorus, you shouldn’t quit a show because you are depriving yourself of good experience if you intend on pursuing theatre in the future. If you really want to play Belle, I believe you will get the chance someday if you perservere. :o) In the mean-time, have fun! Break a leg!