Beauty And The Beast Ny

beauty and the beast ny
What should I wear to the see the Rockettes?

I am from Missouri and will be visiting NY in December. What should my husband and I wear to this event? I am going with the company I work for. Also, we are going to see Beauty and Beast on Broadway. Any advice?

Well shows in the City have become very lax with their dress codes for the most part. They are not going to turn you away if you aren’t wearing a ball gown.

I guess the dress would depend on 3 major factors: 1) what time the show is – generally the afternoon shows are more casual than the evening shows; 2) What else are you doing that day? Are you going to be running around sight seeing or are you going straight to the show from your hotel and then going out to dinner and back to the hotel? If you are coming from the hotel and going straight back to the hotel, then you can get a little dressier than if you were running around to other places before and/or after; 3) What you feel comfortable in. There is a LOT of walking to be done in NYC – so comfortable shoes are a MUST!

Wearing a pair of dress pants and a nice blouse is generally acceptable for anything in NYC.

I have worn nice jeans and a sweater to see the Christmas Spectacular and I have worn a casual dress and everything in between. It all depends on what YOU feel comfortable in.

Hope you have fun!