Beauty And The Beast Musical Lyrics

Audition help pretty please?

My church youth group puts on a musical every year, and I’m hoping to get a lead this time. We’re doing “The Grand Tour”. I can’t really find anything on it, but I saw that it was kind of old show tunes style music. I have a softer, lyric soprano voice, so I’m not really sure what to do. I really like the song “If I can’t love her” from Beauty and the Beast, and though it’s meant for a male voice it fits my range up an octave. My only worry is that it’s about 4 minutes long, which seems like it might be too long for an audition. I can’t very easily cut out part of it since it changes keys several times, building up to the end. Would the judges get bored, or should I sing it anyway? Are there any other songs I should try?

My experience has always been that it is better to sing something simple WELL than make a dogs breafast of something hard/complex