Beauty And The Beast Movie Trailer

Rob Zombie Fans? Whats he talking about?

His lyrics are always a little kooky but Im really starting to like his music..

In his song Death of it all, whats he talking about?

See the famouse lung girl,
They call her Helen Lyle,
Life’s a respirator when you got the sinner style,

She float out on the midway,
She wrangle at the show,
Life’s a revelation wherever you go,

Together we fly,
Together we fall,
Together we all see,
The Death Of It All,

See what’s in the trailer,
Count up all the holes,
Bullets and the movies never tell the whole,

Now Clyde was a lover,
And Bonnie was a queen,
They set their sights for Texas and never left the scene,

See the horrifying,
Beast behind the bars,
Watch the transformation the monster is a star,

Out steps a beauty,
Now watch her walk away,
Another grand illusion if you wanna pay.

Also what with the Educated Horses?

I get the feeling of consuming observation for entertainment and ammusing ourselves is whats killing us all.

it all seems to have a cirus feel to it, not uncommon for Rob’s lyrical setting, both realistically and metaphorically.

I’m not too sure, cuz the latter part of the song seems to use Bonnie and Clyde as symbols of our fascination with violence as romance…