Beauty And The Beast Movie 2010

the movie industry..?

the movie industry should stop with these remakes and make things fresh and new , not re-do old movies..remakes for 2010 from
1.Beauty and the Beast (Disney Digital 3D)
2.The Wolfman
3.Clash of the Titans
4.Repo Men ( that is crap, rip off from Repo! The Genetic Opera)
5.A Nightmare on Elm Street
6.Robin Hood
7.The A-Team ( should not be a movie)
9. The Green Hornet (remake?)
10.Red Dawn
12. red sonja ( in 2009)

1.Beauty and the Beast, why not?
2.The Wolfman, only if it’s as good as the remake of The Mummy.
3.Clash of the Titans, I saw it in theatres and the whole point was to showcase the worlds best stop frame animation ever. So what’s the point this time? I see a video game tie in somewhere.
4.Repo Men ( that is crap, rip off from Repo! The Genetic Opera), okay so not from the old Repo Man movie, a classic and untouchable.
5.A Nightmare on Elm Street, WTF?
6.Robin Hood, I don’t know how it can stand up against the first 15 Robin Hood movies, but I’ll cross my fingers.
7.The A-Team, could work with the right director and cast.
8.Footloose, I saw it last night. There are definetly some scenes that have really bad 80’s movie music.
9. The Green Hornet, Bruce Lee’s first TV show! Is Jet Li the side kick this time?
10.Red Dawn, could be good.
11.Poltergeist, classic, shouldn’t be touched.
12. red sonja, they can’t make a worse version.