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B&A Writers: Do you like listening to music as you write?

If so, what songs do you listen to most?

For me it’s “Lifetime” by Better Than Ezra, and most of the songs on my Wicked, Hairspray, and Beauty and the Beast CDs. They just seem to keep me in the zone when I’m writing. lol

BQ: What’s within an arms reach to you right now?
For me it’s a hairbrush, a freshly opened can of Dr. Pepper, My Season 6 of the Simpsons DVD collection (I’m burning a copy) and sweatshirt with my high school’s logo on it.
bluetigerpaw: Dr. Pepper does that to me too. 🙂

Of course but Only Pure music,no lyrice in and i prefer Piano
i usually listen to “Yanni” since his music always clams me down,i usually listen to a Song by Yanni called “Sand Dance” which is REALLY Great
here it is:

BQ:Right now a glass of Orange juice i’m drinking it and the remote control since i’m in the living room