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when publishing a book do you need permission from brand name owners that you used in the book?

I am writing a book and I am self publishing. Its gonna cost a pretty penny so I was wondering if there was anyone out there who knew the answer to my question. In the book I think I use Google and the Library of Congress… I may mention a few other brand name of items, Oh, Luck Charms. and a few names of movies V for Vendetta and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Do I need to contact, for example Disney in order to name the movie in my book???

You have to put brand names in caps, is all. Movies and books are caps in italics.

Right: Kleenex, Rollerblades.

Wrong: kleenex, rollerblades.

You don’t have to pay upfront to self-pub if you go to the right place!

SAVE YOUR MONEY and use a reputable venue like

You can upload your book for free and do not have to pay upfront costs.

You can order 1 book or 500 or none at all.

If your book costs them 5.00 to print, you can set *your* price at 7.00 and make 2.00 for each one sold.

Be aware that most self-pub books never sell more than 5-10 copies.

They use Print On Demand tech, which means they only print a book when an order is made. That’s how they can stay in business without charging upfront money.

The only time your Lulu printed book costs money is if you order copies for yourself. You can buy those at their base price, not your “retail” price.

They also offer a Lulu “storefront” where you can sell your book. I think that’s free, too.

Other self-pub costs you can’t avoid is registering the copyright. That’s 35.00 when you buy online.

And ISBN numbers are helpful. That’s the bar code number you see on book covers.

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 10-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally. I think they’re around 25.00, but don’t quote me!

I hope you’ll check out the Self Publishing forum on Absolute Write. The forum is run by pros, and the members there can help you with feedback and keeping your costs down!

If you don’t like Lulu, they can point you to other “no upfront cost’ printers.

I did some self-publishing, but it was a signed, numbered, limited edition. I’ve got tons of readers from my other pro-published books, so I didn’t lose any money. If I hadn’t had any money to invest, then I’d have gone through Lulu or another like them.

Good luck! ;>)