Beauty And The Beast In 3d

beauty and the beast in 3d
What is your opinion on 3D animation vs. 2D animation?

In the past decade, it seems that the only animation movies that have been released to the theaters have been 3D movies. I personally love 2D over 3D, to me it’s just more beautiful and intricate. Although there are some amazing 3D movies, such as Wall-e, Toy Story,The Shrek series, Finding Nemo, etc. but they can’t beat the classics, such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, and Bambi. Even though they may be silly fairy tales to some people to me they are beautiful pieces of art. If you look closely at the scenery in 2D movies you’ll see how much dedication the animation artist put into it. Even more beautiful are the Miyazaki films! My question is, has this 3D craze gone on for too long? What do you think?

I like 2D, stop motion, and animation(which i think is the same thing as 2D but wat ev) I’m an old fashioned girl, and though 3D is very life like, i feel 2D is more non-believable…just how i like it.