Beauty And The Beast History

What do the lyrics mean in ‘Gin Soaked Boy?’?

This is a song by the Divine Comedy, and is track number 10 on their greatest hits album called ‘A Secret History.’

Lyrically, it is a very clever song, but what do the lyrics actually mean?

– The Trojan Horse in Troy
– The tiger’s empty cage
– The mystery’s final page
– The sunset in the east
– The beauty in the beast

and so on……..

Well, certain of the lyrics seem to be oxymoronic – the “sunset in the east” for example, being as the sun sets in the west. Looking at the full lyrics of the song, there seems to be quite a few of these.

Others seem to come from other things – the ‘tiger’s empty cage’ is a bit of a threat, isn’t it? If the tiger’s not in his cage, you’d better watch out. The ‘mystery’s final page’ is more of a revelation…

Then there’s the other ones which just come from various cultural references, etc. ‘ ‘I’m the Catcher in the Rye’, from the book. ‘I’m the Jeff Goldblum in The Fly’ – The Fly was a movie in which Jeff Goldblum played a crazy scientist who mixed up some experiment and ended up turning slowly into a fly. So this sort of works on two levels, because there’s the film The Fly and the actual fly…

Anyway, you could go into each separately, but together I would suggest they just mean that the singer is partially a necessity – the ‘gin in the gin-soaked boy’ – and partially a paradox; that he’s everything, perhaps?