Beauty And The Beast Halloween Costumes

beauty and the beast halloween costumes
Halloween costume for young couple?

I want my boyfriend and I to dress up together for Halloween this year. We are both 14. He is not totally into the whole dress up idea, but I love over-doing it and getting involved in the process. He will not do anything like beast from beauty and the beast where it is a “hideous” costume. We are looking for a couple from a show or movie. He won’t do any “girl” shows/movies like Twilight. Maybe Iron Man….But please let me know if you have any good ideas

Going with costumes that naturally occur together works but Arch enemies of Comic Books are good as well.

It might sound a bit corny, but then again that s what Halloween and Fancy dress parties are all about..
Here’s some examples:

The Joker and the Harlequin
Batman and Robin
Batman and CatWoman
Superwoman and Superman

Some more surprising ones:
Adam and EVE…

or Surgeon and Rubber Gloves…hehe