Beauty And The Beast Free Online Movie

I am 14 and never seen Beauty and the Beast. is there a place i can watch it online?

i really need to see this movie. i am on stage crew and we are doing this musical. is there a place i can watch it for free? please dont ruin it for me. I need to watch it so i have a general idea for my a background. i am on stage crew and dont want to be like…”okay where are we? who is that, etc.
i asked my parents if i can rent and they said no.
the whole thing not just part.
i am not in the play. i am stage crew and i dont NEED to i WANT to so that i am not lost. and they said no becuase they think i have to much homework and studiying to do. they are very thick headed.
Peachy Keen Jelly Belly- i signed up because i wanted to be part of the musical. IT IS A SCHOOL TRADITION!

second. i am on the internet because i finidhed my homework. they think that any time i am on my laptop i am doing homework.

Oh! Beauty and the Beast is such a “beautiful” movie! As mentioned before, you can try the library or Netflix, but if that’s out, then ask a friend or someone in your neighborhood who has young kids to borrow it. You can even watch it on your laptop so your parents won’t get mad at you. BTW I think they are being unreasonable…it’s for your school play! Good luck to you and enjoy =)