Beauty And The Beast For Sale

How do I know if trading cards & comic books are worth anything & if so how do I sell them & not get robbed $?

I have football, racing, basketball, hockey, Starwars (Game), baseball, Spawn, Goosebumps, Flintstones, Kodak Olympic, Primates theme Deck for Magic: The Gathering, cards all bought in the mid 1990’s still new and a whole box of older baseball cards that show some age I bought at a yard sale in 2000. I also have comic books bought in the early to mid 1990’s: Spawn, Avenger, Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, Power Rangers, Beauty and the Beast, The Crusaders, Prophet, Avengelyne, X-Files all still new in plastic bags. I have one of the X-men comics that was sold in an auction for $51,000; but I guess the trick is finding someone who is interested…

Use completed items listings on Ebay. Be sure to focus on items that actually sold, not listings that no one bid on.