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beauty and the beast film
Bad Morals in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can think of any bad morals, homophobia, racism, stereotypes, or sexism in the Disney movie The Beauty and the Beast

I am doing a highschool project on it and I need to talk about the negative things that this film teaches children.

For example, In Lion King, one would be how they make the character of Scar (who HAPPENS to be the villan) to be feminine or gay even and they make Mufasa strong and straight.

So far in Beauty adn the Beast I have found the sexism in it, and that the Beast is verbally abusive towards Belle.

Anyways, I know this is reading a lot into it but I have to do that for my project so if you know of any other things in Beauty and the Beast, it would help a lot.


The obvious gender stereotypes aside (the entire town thinking Belle to be weird because she likes to read, for example), there are plenty of less than PC things in Beauty and the Beast.

Belle’s father, for example, breaks into someone house, steals from them, and then agrees to trade his daughter for his freedom. Even though he regrets it and returns with an angry mob later in the film, this can hardly be considered “good parenting”.

Then of course, there’s the whole angry mod itself, which assumes that the Beast is a monster who will rend them to pieces (despite the fact that he is affluent, well-dressed, and lives in a castle filled with servants).

The Beast is not only verbally abusive toward Belle… he also physically threatens her. There are a number of occasions where he takes out his anger on inanimate objects while raging at her.

And while we’re on that subject, the Beast is also guilty of kidnapping and imprisonment… even if he does give Belle a nice room and clothes, she’s still his prisoner.