Beauty And The Beast Figurines

beauty and the beast figurines
Do I have paranoid schitzophrinia?

I feel like EVERYTHING is like alive. Like, beauty and the beast except they don’t talk or have faces. I just feel like if I throw something away like a can even it would hurt the cans feelings. I even think cars have feelings. I also think everything has a sex. Like some things are girls and some are boys.
I have tons of stuff in my room. Usually its because in a store if I see something I feel like if I don’t get it, then it will be alone and scared. So I buy it. Like a figurine.
I also believe that everyone around me can read my mind so I think different thoughts around people.
I feel like there is something always watching me too.
What do I have?
Well, I do have like fears of different things.
I’m afraid that little people are going to come in my room if my back is turned and kill me.
And other ones too.

DUDE this is madd scary cause I believe people can read my thoughts and it trips me out cause its really hard to just be relaxed. AHH! tripped out for sure.