Beauty And The Beast Ending

beauty and the beast ending
Should the Beast have turned back into the Prince?

What do you think of the Beast in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ turning back into the Prince at the end of the movie? Wasn’t the whole moral of the show about discovering the inner beauty of a person? So when Belle see past the hideousness of the Beast and love him for who he is, she gets rewarded with physical beauty? Frankly I think it is so not right. For example, would you like your pet dog to suddenly turn into a Fabio like stranger? Would you like your dad to turn into Tom Cruise? At least, Shrek got the whole moral thing correct.

But what if the Beast didn’t turn back into the prince? Would it be immoral for Belle to actually marry a Beast and consummate their marriage? Fairy Tales are so screwed up.

No! He should have stayed the beast completely! Not only for the moral of the story to remain valid but the fact is that the beast was way cooler than some sissy boy prince.
One of the main differences between Beauty and the Beast and any other peanut gallery cookie cutter fairytales is that the beast was not a good guy. That’s how he got turned into the beast in the first place- he already was one on the inside.
Something I was never sure of was- did beauty really fall in love with the beast OR did she fall in love with the idea of saving and changing him? If the latter, then the entire character of Bell comes into question- and actually makes more sense. She read a lot (which I’m not knocking because I real all of the time.) but that expressed to us, the audience that she lived for and in a fairy tale world- which (to me) seemed full of harrowing romance.. Where someone has to change the other?! Isn’t the entire point of love to fall in love with who they are? Not who you can trick them into being?
Changing him into the prince was the final straw for me, even though its my favorite Disney movie- it was basically saying that the inside is always clearly reflected on the outside which is just obviously not true. (If it was, Gestaun would have been a dog turd by the end of the film). And not to mention- that love is changing the person your with or changing yourself. That love is compromise, and to me personally I think that that idea is a pile.
Its like they’re saying ‘if you ever want love, change who you are and what you believe in to make the other happy’ which is not love, its giving up and settling. Love is acceptance for who you are and not submissiveness.
And for the bestiality question, it’s a good one. But by far the lesser of the evils. Look at the other fairy tales, right? Compare it to some of the other themes, necrophilia, date rape, stalking, gang bangs, hair and foot fetish’s… well actually bestiality is ranking up with the rest of them… Somehow I think that if I said ‘at least it would be two consenting adults’ that it would sound wrong. But between bestiality and being with someone who is only a hallowed out shell of what they were?
Which would you choose if you were beast- the extra hair or the lobotomy?