Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose

beauty and the beast enchanted rose
How should I put my enchanted rose ? Full or almost dead ?

If you have seen the movie beauty and the beast you know the enchanted rose that is in it. Well I wanna get that rose in the glass cover but im not sure if I want the rose to be full and open or do i want it like its wilting towards the end and have pedals falling .

Also its kinda hard to tell but it looks like the rose is red but it has a pink glow to it.

What colors should i use.

So what do you think Full and upright or bent over pedals falling

and would this look better on my wrist or right foot or inner ankle. ?


I think you should go in between. If they use pink with some white high lites and a couple of shades of pink it will pop better. You want to stay away from wrist with color in my experience it takes linger to heal and if you pull the color you will be very unhappy and everyone will see it.