Beauty And The Beast Dvd Disney

beauty and the beast dvd disney
Why doesn’t Disney release their classics on a Digital Copy DVD?

For those that don’t know, Disney always releases a special disc for people to transfer the film onto their mP3 devices from the disc; however, it seems they always release their newly released films on a Digital Copy (i.e. Princess and the Frog, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) but not the classics that have been re-released to DVD (i.e. Beauty and the Beast, Bambi, 101 Dalmatians, etc.). It’s kind of frustrating when you’d like to have these childhood classics on your iPod without going on iTunes only to find they’re not available or only able to be rented.

Does anyone have a good idea why that is?

they make more money. They stop producing the movies just to release them for sale in time for holidays. Digital copies reduce the effectiveness of the re-releases.