Beauty And The Beast Dvd Cover

Is my version of Beauty and the Beast DVD pirated?

We got the DVD as a gift, and the back cover has some typos (e.g. “experiental” instead of “experiential”, and “transpots” instead of “transports”), so we were wondering if it is a pirated copy (we haven’t opened it yet). Does this mean it isn’t a legitimate copy?

These typos don’t appear here

Does anyone else’s copy have these typos?
Without having opened it, I can say:
The quality of the cover looks good/professional, and it looks identical to the linked picture, except for the typos.

The packaging is sturdy and even has the security sticker/tape along the side.

One thing I did notice is that it did not come with a cardboard sleeve like most of the other Disney DVDs we have.

Please sniff the DVD cartridge.

If it has a strong petrochemical smell, it could be pirated.

Typos are never accepted.

what does the quality of the printed cover look like?

Are they crisp and clean, or are the edges fuzzy and indistinct?

I got a DVD of Song of the South that supposidely came for EuroDisney and available overseas only.

It was a bootleg (albeit a rather upscale boot)