Beauty And The Beast Dress

beauty and the beast dress
Decision making tips between two WEDDING dresses, ideas?

I need some basic decision making tips to help me decide between two dresses, it’s not been an easy decision and time is running out to order it for the wedding. The prices are quite similar, so that doesn’t help much either.

One looks almost like the yellow dress from beauty and the beast (Disney) but it’s strapless, is a straight cut at the top (no sweetheart) and in white silk.

The other is taffeta with cloth flowers, off the shoulder straps (like the beauty and the beast dress) but the bottom is asymmetrical and opens to this kind of organza falling to the ground the cloth is folded over itself to create a really nice look. It has a lace flowers pattern on the bodice.

How do I decide, I can’t tell which I like best?

Personally, I like the sound of the second one, but it’s your wedding and your decision. Sometimes it helps if you ask a friend to pick one for you, your gut instinct usually tells you whether you agree with that choice or not if you feel more leneance over one than the other then go for that one.