Beauty And The Beast Doll

beauty and the beast doll
Need Help Finding Some Barbies!?!!?

Ok in ’98 I recieved a Disney Holiday Princess Barbie (Jasmine). Just recently I was looking & it said “4th in a series”. Now I looked on eBay & I found Cinderella, Snow White, & Belle (from Beauty & The Beast). And I couldn’t find any more…

Now here’s my question. Is there a web site where I can find out if there ARE anymore to the series. Just because I have the 4 doesn’t mean that they didn’t make more.

The series includes (in every box) The Barbie, & an Ornament (& everything else the barbie usually comes with, the clothes, shoes, a necklace ect. ect.)

The Ornament in the box in usually up in the right hand corner of the box & all but the Snow White doll, it has a picture of that particular princess.

If anyone can help me find out if there are more that this series of four, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please & Thanks.

I would try they have a large variety of antiques and unique items for cheap prices.