Beauty And The Beast Decorations

beauty and the beast decorations
Girls what do you think?

ok so i like this girl and from what i know she likes me too. we’ve been on one date and i asked her then what her favorite Disney movie was and she answered Beauty and the Beast. the next day i was walking around the mall and i spotted a miniature Belle decoration statue thingy lol its about half a foot tall and very detailed(its Belle wearing her yellow dress and holding the pink rose from the movie) i bought it for her for a Christmas present but she still isn’t my girlfriend.
My question is if i write or carve “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” on the bottom of the statue and ask her to look under it when i give it to her, do you think she would like that. Or as a girl would you like that?

If you know for sure she likes you too and would say yes, then do it. Personally, I think that’s an adorable idea. Good luck!!!!! =]