Beauty And The Beast Dallas

Looking for standard size (14mm) 6 disc DVD cases (the 2 tray type) from US online…?

Looking for the type sold in Australia made by Brackley Industries (not the single post or overlap type my searching has found from US sellers). This is the type of case that Paramount and Warner Brothers use on TV season sets like “Beauty and the Beast”, “Birds of Prey”, “Dallas Season 10”, and others, which is the same size as a standard single DVD case, has 2 trays inside, and uses what I think is called an “M” type center hub. Shipping is so expensive they cost more than $5.00 apiece to order them from Australian Retailers.

The classic DVD cases is the industry standard DVD packaging. Exactly like the cases that hold your rented DVDs from the video store, DVD cases are often used for CD packaging as well. The standard DVD case holds one CD/DVD, has a clear outer filmwhich holds a printed sleeve or wrap and inner plastic clips which may hold a DVD booklet. The push button hub design varies between manufacturers; the most popular being produced by Amaray. ??
Variations of the DVD/CD case hold up to 4 or more DVDs often with a hinge mechanism. Slim DVD cases are also available which are ideal for mailouts or to save on shelf space. The most common colours are black and clear but cases are available in white, green, red, blue and more. For this standard dvd case single and double we offer 4 different push-release hub.Pls if u are interested in the DVD Case in a different hub design Pls just contact us to get more info. Our standard 14mm single dvd cases can be packed by the branded packaging machines including Heino Illsman (Germany), Gima (Italy), Kyoto (Japan) and EAM (USA). we also have products for professional users of premium quality 14mm dvd case single black also can run through the auto machines