Beauty And The Beast Corps

beauty and the beast corps
Looking to sell comic books, but not sure on the vaule, HELP!?

hello, i am looking to sell 3 comic books.

1) Marvel comics Semper fi (tales of the Marine Corps) it is in plastic and necer opened.
2) First Publishing Beauty and the Beast~Portrait of Love ( from the tv show~ in plastic, but the tape came undone, it is a little worped)
3)Epic comics. Akira Vol.1 No.1 ( also in plastic, tape came undone)

If you could please give me a round about figure or friendly user sites to look up the values It would be greatly appricated

This is more of an FYI/Advice than an answer. Whatever price someone happens to post here, don’t get your hopes up.

For example, if someone posts that your Akira vol 1 price is say $50….chances are you won’t get it. Just because someone paid that much once, doesn’t mean anyone else is going to do the same…It’s kind of like selling your used game at gamestop…you paid $50 for Halo, 3 months later you sell it to gamestop for $20 and see they sell used Halo games for $49.99…