Beauty And The Beast Composer

True Blood Season 1 Episode 12 Music?

This is really annoying me. I have just watched the episode the piano/orchestral tune that is playing in the scene where Bill turns up ‘alive’ and him and Sookie start making out with each other, and I can not figure out what the tune is.

I think it was on Beauty and the Beast (when the beast shows bell around the castle) as well, I think thats where I know it from but im not certain.

Does anyone know the name of the score or the composer. Or if it is the same score im thinking of in both True Blood and Beauty and the beast? Its not mentioned on the music sites for the tv show so i can’t even look on them.

Iv already looked through google to find the score. They have the music/songs but not that particular score.

honestly, people don’t know how to use the internets