Beauty And The Beast Complete Series

If you had a magical trunk like Moody’s from the Harry Potter series?

What would you put in the seven compartments? Would they be rooms, full-sized arenas, or just small spaces? Remember Compartment 1 is the smallest and Compartment 7 is the largest. Oh the possibilities!

My Trunk
1. Bedroom
2. Lounge/Game Room
3. Music Room (Complete with Steinway grand!)
4. Natatorium (with pool cover of some sort 🙂 )
5. Library (from Beauty and the Beast)
6. Quidditch Pitch
7. Cathedral

Ohboy… Here goes:

1. Music box/Jewelry box (complete with iPod hookup and jewelry… haha I’m such a technology nerd)
2. Art studio (complete with all kinds of paint and awesome supplies/ inspirations)
3. Recording studio (complete with all kinds of awesome guitars and ready-made band!)
4. Field/Meadow perfect for reading and picnics (complete with waterfall and flowers!)
5. Library of Congress/or library from BatB… hehe… sorry I stole your idea… (complete with every book I love and a place for me to write)
6. Cedar Point (the rollercoaster park in Ohio!)
7. All of Florence (Italy! complete with hot guy on moped ;] )

I think I broke the rules… I don’t think you can fit a whole city in a trunk… even if it is a magical one… hehe

good question!

…what’s with the thumbs down? was that really necessary?