Beauty And The Beast Coloring

beauty and the beast coloring
Belle, Beauty and the beast audition? clothes, hair and makeup?

i want to be belle, so i need to subtly hint at the character without looking desperate for it. the audition will be on a stage, so colors and makeup that would look good under that sort of light. i also have to do a simple dance in the outfit.

i have long (almost to my waist) dark brown, slightly curly hair, dark (almost black) eyes and a yellow kind of skin tone. (i am not asian, spanish, italian or Filipino though)

any ideas?
this is what the character looks like:

awww…one of my fave musicals. 🙂

Black is the best color to wear to an audition. It shows professionalism and class. So black t-shirt and black pants so you can move around. Black character shoes (Belle always wears those!).
Play up your eyes. Go with a ponytail or low bun. Wear a pretty, decorative necklace.

Relax, drink water, and break a leg!