Beauty And The Beast Collectibles

beauty and the beast collectibles
What do your children collect?

My 11 year old daughter collects Littlest Pet Shop (she plays with them like most children play with Barbies, which she was never really interested in She likes animals though, and plans to be a veterinarian) and Bella Sara cards. She also has a lot of Cinderella collectible dolls, and other girly trinkets. She has a lot of heart shaped things she has found-heart shaped leaves and rocks, for instance.

My 8 year old son collects cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tonka and the Disney Cars) and dragons/dinosaurs. He also has a small coin collection, like Daddy who has a large one.

My 1 year old has quite the assortment of rubber duckies-she loves ducks, and we have docks in all colors and sizes, along with ducks dressed up as a lamb, easter bunny, Uncle Sam, a ghost, a pilgrim, Santa, etc. She also likes Bob the Builder, but no collection related to that. Her sister has started getting her Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) dolls and such.

What do your children collect?

My one year old also has a large collection of rubber ducks. It goes beyond there though… She also has books about ducks and stuffed ducks, including one dressed in rain gear that dances and sings. She’ll point at them and say “dutty”. (Ducky) So cute.