Beauty And The Beast Cogsworth

beauty and the beast cogsworth
Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast) audition advice?

My school just announced it’s 2008-2009 season, and I was surprised to learn that Beauty and the Beast was our Spring production (which we cast for in January). I realize January 2009 is far off, but I feel as if I should start preparing for the audition now. (Yes, I want this part badly!) Does anyone have any advice how to prepare for an audition like his? Which accent should I use, which song (from the show) should I sing? I’m a tenor. I was thinking of using “Human Again”, but I’m not totally sure.

I believe that Cogsworth’s only solo section is in Human Again, so that would be a good choice. When we did it at my school, our Cogsworth used a British accent… there are tons of audio programs and stuff out there (probably at the public library) that will teach you how to do a proper British accent, so you can check those out.

As the other person said, Cogsworth is very pompous and I got the feel that he thinks he is much more powerful than he is. He is very concerned with pleasing the Beast, and is an adament rule follower. He is a bit uptight, and quite nervous especially when the whole “Be Our Guest” thing is happening. These are some good acting bits to put in to your audition, and if you get any choice, Cogsworth’s solo line in human again is the perfect time to demonstrate your understanding of his character.