Beauty And The Beast Christmas Movie

do you think i’m strange? how can i change?

okay so i’m really girly, but i love star wars. i can’t help it.
i shop at places like delias and neiman marcus.
i love disney movies like the little mermaid and beauty and the beast.
i also love barbie movies, and i own almost all of them.
i love christmas, and i’m already starting to listen to christmas music and watch christmas movies.
i have obsessions with david hasselhoff, prince, and kevin bacon.
i love the british, and i can’t even tell you how much or even why.
i don’t listen to the same music as anyone else.
i feel like an outsider, and i don’t really fit in at school.
i don’t wanna change but i think i might have to.
how can i change without losing myself?

DON’T CHANGE!!!! Theres nothing wrong with you. Who cares if your a little different. Who the hell would wanna talk another clone.