Beauty And The Beast Chicago

Beauty and the Beast Audition Help?

Hi! I have an audition for Beauty and the Beast on August 7 for a production in mid-October. This is for a company with a director that I’ve worked with for 3 and a half years now.

I am ALWAYS the dancer (Previous roles include: Cha Cha in Grease, Helga/Fraulein Kost in Cabaret, Liz in Chicago) and Belle is one of my dream roles. I kind of “fear” being Babette as I feel I won’t get fair consideration for Belle. However, I still think that Babette would be a fun role, I just may be a little bummed.

Anyway! I have my first voice lesson to prepare for this audition tomorrow. I plan on preparing both “Home” as well as “A Change In Me” in case of a callback for Belle. What should I prepare in case of a callback for Babette?

Also- I was wondering what to wear to my audition? I have both a yellow and blue sundress which could be appropriate for Belle, but is that hinting too much?
My voice teacher today chose “Maybe This Time” for me to sing. Any thoughts on that?

Definitely audition for the role of Belle. Go there in such a way that they could see you as the role of Belle.
If you are going to audition for the role of Belle, you can’t come in full costume. But, you can wear what she would on a regular day if she lived in this time period. Dress like that!
Personally, I think the blue sundress is a great idea- it doesn’t hint too much, and not too little either!
A song you could sing for a possible callback for is “Human Again” from Beauty and the Beast.
And, if it is an audition where you don’t audition for any specific role, definitely mention somehow to the director that you are hoping for the role of Belle.
Hope this helps!