Beauty And The Beast Charms

Beast What a monologue of a girl auditioning for Belle in Beauty and the?

There's a girl, and the school looks beautiful production area is the beast in a few months. She is in love with the part of Belle and is very passionate about it, it's talking months. You really can sing, and she is beautiful, and she is a nerd in real life. It is one of the best people I know. Basically, it's for the role to perfection, and I really want to get there. If they do, would likely be destroyed. Now it is a monologue of his hearing and looked, but can not find anything. If I could proposals for a monologue from one to two minutes, sweet be charming, and beautiful as that would be great. Thanks.

Get some of Nellie Forbush of South Pacific. It is very similar to Belle. Or something from a site: All Good:)