Beauty And The Beast Characters List

who would you choose?

from the list of disney characters below who among them do you like best and why? you could choose more than one
1. lightning mcqueen (the cars the movie)
2. mickey mouse
3. minnie mouse
4. donald duck
5. daisy duck
6. pluto
7. goofy
8. kim possible
9. piglet
10. tigger
11. Eeyore
12.Jojo (jojo circus)
13. Remy (from Ratatoulle)
14. Lady (from lady and the tramp)
15. Mowgli (from jungle book)
16. Esmeralda (from the hunchback of notre dame)
17. Flik (from the bugs life)
18. Bambi
19. Dumbo
20. Belle (from the movie beauty and the beast)

Eeyore, Bambi, and Dumbo the quiet ones =] and know how it feels like to go through sheyyt. like….your tail falling off all the time and being left out, having your mom die, and having your mom being taken away and made fun of because you have too big ears. :'(