Beauty And The Beast Cast

beauty and the beast cast
How do I go about being a successful actress?

I’m thirteen, which is young, but I’d like to get a good, early start.
I’ve been in 3 plays at school including Tom sawyer, A Christmas Carol, and Our Teacher’s An Alien.
I was also in Beauty and the Beast and cast in Alice in Wonderland (Which I ended up not doing) at a nearby local theatre.
I can play guitar and sing too. Maybe unnecessary info, but it might help.
I want to know how to make it big when there’s not many opportunities for people with a small budget. Help?

Becoming an Actress
You have to have the talent, and then luck, but here is a plan.
Find every opportunity in your traveling distance that does Plays or Musicals. Check the schools and community groups as well as professional. Contact them and ask to be notified of any auditions.
If you do not get a part, offer to help in any way (paint scenery, usher etc.) Just being around the production you will learn a lot.
Study Dance, Music and Acting. You must be able to do at least one great and the others well enough to let the others work around you. Find classes or instructors that have produced talent.
Work on your image. You have to be a go getter, with lots of confidence and at the same time come across as humble.
Develop work ethics. Never be late. Never be absent. Always be attentive. Always show respect for others, even when you do not think they deserve it.
If and when approached by a talent agent or agency. Check them out carefully. If you are too young to sign a contract, remember your parents will need to be very involved.

They do not look at your picture and resume and go out and try to find you a job.
You should give them enough information about your skills and decent photos of you.
Almost all agents know where to find out about casting for theater and movies.
When these castings are announced they look through their files to see who might have a chance. If you appear to have a chance they will notify you.
Until you have found work several times they are not going to go out and try to sell you to a producer.
Read these two web sites