Beauty And The Beast Broadway Show

beauty and the beast broadway show
Belle in Beauty and the Beast? Audition song?

1) how can i learn to belt?

2)what to wear (hair, makeup, clothes…)
(there is an dance audition)

3) any tips on standing out/nailing the audition?

3) AUDITION SONG (not angry – capitals are for emphasis)
– i do not want Mrs. Potts so nothing that would suit her too much.
– please NOT from the show!
– preferably broadway style

find instructions on youtube. for dancing wear light colors hair up and out of you face (maybe with a blue ribbon very beauty and the beastish)
the director wants to see clean lines so somthing you can move around in with dance shoes if you have them i think that is what you will end up wearing if you get belle.very little makeup and make sure its light, but the most important thing is hair out of your face. mama is a bit overused now but it would work and is very good for this,without you from rent, women from the pirate queen they all have some belting but you can make them your own, make sure your polite and dont act nervious remember the directors want you to be great and want you to do your best, good luck!!!