Beauty And The Beast Broadway Musical

beauty and the beast broadway musical
What would be the best broadway musical to take a foreign exchang student from Germany to see?

My family is getting a foreign exchange student next school year and right now we are trying to plan a trip to NYC to show her, Lea from Germany, a large American city. She, who is 16, my sister, who is 13, my mom, and me, 16, are all going so we need a show that will be appropriate and one that she will understand. We have already seen Grease, throughly modern millie, lion king, little mermaid, beauty and the beast, cats, and my fair lady.

If she is in by June 1st, Rent for sure since it is a very good play and it’s end runs soon. Other good options would be Phantom of the Opera, Xanadu, Wicked, Chicago, Cry-Baby. Not sure on Spamalot though. The Producers isn’t currrently on Broadway, and you wouldn’t want to go to that with a German in tow anyway since it could be seen as being culturally insensitive. Check listings on and then check for good deals on Givenik allows you to get good deals and contribute 5% of the sale to charity so that is a good thing. I have seen Phantom tickets on ther for 26 dollars a piece. There are about 20-30 charities to choose from.