Beauty And The Beast Blue Ray

Beauty and the Beast (disney) 2010 re-release question?

ok looking up information on the beauty and the beast re-release I noticed that the whole blueray stuff ( that I dont have 🙁 ) comes out in October 2010… but then I found one that said that just a 2 disk diamond ed. comes out in November of 2010 but It has a different dvd cover… so its it true that they are releasing the dvd combo blue ray crap first and then the 2disk one ?

They are releasing three different editions. They are as follows:

-Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack (Includes both the Blu-ray and the DVD. Releases October 5.)
-Diamond Edition Blu-ray (Just the Blu-ray. Releases October 5.)
-2-Disc Diamond Edition DVD (Just the DVD, but in a 2-disc special edition. And yes, it does have a different cover. It releases a little later, on November 23.

So yes, there are releasing the Blu-ray and Combo Pack first in early October, and then the stand-alone DVD version later in late November.