Beauty And The Beast Beast Costume

How does the Beast transform on Beauty and the Beast on Broadway?

At the end of the show after the fight with Gaston, how does he transform into a prince again? He flies up into the air and comes back down about a minute later and is human again. It is also completely dark with quite a few flashing multi-colored lights that make it hard to see anything. I know that it takes about seven minutes to completely take off the costume (heard it in an interview with an actor who once played Beast).

It’s a classic switcheroo.

The actor that flies up in the Beast get-up is not the same actor that descends.

Same thing in “Into the Woods” when the Witch regains her good looks at the end of Act One — it’s someone else in a crone get-up [which is why she usually has her cape hood up.]

Oh, and the REAL actor is doing any dialogue lines into their body mic while out of sight ready to appear — the double is merely mouthing the words.