Beauty And The Beast Be Our Guest

beauty and the beast be our guest
Classic Disney free song downloads??? (cinderella, aladin, little mermaid)?

I love classic disney songs and i want to get some of them but i honstly don’t want to buy them unless i have to. Here is a list of the songs i want:

Part of that World- little mermaid
you’ve got a friend in me- toy story
beauty and the beast- beauty and the beast 🙂
wish upon a star
a dream is a wish your heart makes- cinderella
a whole new world- aladin
akuna matata- lion king
be our guest- beauty and the beast
colors of the wind- pocahantos
Kiss the girl- little mermaid
under the sea- little mermaid
reflection- mulan
once upon a dream- sleeping beauty
forget about love- aladin

I know that is a hefty list just looking for as many as possible…if anybody nows a website with no surveys or downloads to your computer (i have a mac and it does not alow it on my security settings) that would be much appreciated! thanks 🙂

Free music is NOT legal

that violates the copyright laws

same thing as walking into a music store and shoplifting

Disney is VERY protective of their music