Beauty And The Beast Ballroom

beauty and the beast ballroom
Any 30 somethings remember the film “Labyrinth” with David Bowie?

OH God someone just asked a question about that old 80s series “Beauty and the Beast” and it brought back to me my favourite film of the 80s – “Labyrinth”!! I was 14 when this film came out in 1986 and I loved it!!! I remember going to see it with my friends and wanting to go straight back and watch it again! I don’t know why but something about it really captured my imagination!

I remember having a video of it one Christmas which I wore out playing on our old toploader video recorder LOL!

I tried watching it again on dvd recently ans although it seems sort of dated and childish now I have to say that 20 years on and aged 34 the “ballroom” scene still gives me the shivers! Sad eh?!?!?

Yup i remember it,
i watched it on vhs the same day i watched ‘the dark crystal’