Beauty And The Beast Babette

beauty and the beast babette
Beauty and the Beast Jr. Who should I audition for?

So, my middle school is going to be putting together a production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. I’m not really sure what to audition for though. I’m 13, having curly blonde hair (like Taylor Swift’s in a way) can sing country pretty well, am a bit more of an alto than soprano (i sing lower notes with more confidence and high notes can be hard to hit for me sometimes.) My friends think I should go for Belle but I’m fairly certain another girl is going to get that part. Therefore, I was thinking about auditioning for Babette, Madame de …something or other (forgot her name) or Mrs. Potts. I have a little trouble with “Home” vocal wise with the high notes (I can still sing it though and hit the notes, it’s just those are probably the highest notes I’ll be able to hit :]) So, in your opinion, who would be a good person to audition for?

Don’t worry that those are the highest notes you can hit! It’s all you have to hit! Don’t ever worry that your range isn’t good enough because it is just enough. They don’t need you to have the ability to hit notes higher or lower than that part calls for. If you can do Belle well, they could care less how much higher you could go. I say go for Belle! I’m not sure how it works at your school, but at my high school and community theatres, you should go into auditions with a preferred role, but also have one or two solid parts you would also like, in the event you don’t get your most desired role, but they see you as better suited for one of the “backup” parts you would also like. If that’s how it works at your school too, then say you’re auditioning for the part of Belle, but would also like to be considered Babette and Mrs. Potts (as these are what it sounds like your voice would be nice for). Break a leg!