Beauty And The Beast Artwork

beauty and the beast artwork
help on a project I’m starting on?

In english, we are just starting on a top 5 research project and I wanna share what I have down so far so I can have some input or output… For my top 5, I chose classic Disney movies

for the criteria, it is scored based on origionality, artwork;graphics,earnings, and the plot….

my top 5 so far (it may or may not change, depending on my research is 1. Bambi, 2. The Lion King, 3. Lady and the Tramp, 4. Beauty and the Beast, and 5. The Jungle Book….
I may take some out and put other movies in… idk yet…

for the topic/why is it important? question, I put

I chose Classic Disney movies for my top 5 topic. Many of these movies are 30-50 years old, but they are never forgotten. These movies provide much entertainment for young and old…

ANy input is appreciated

sounds like a fun project!!!! 🙂 Hope you have fun with it!!! I wonder if you should do 5 and one from each decade, like one from 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000….might be neat to compare them and the animation comparisons…..either way great project.