Beauty And The Beast Art

beauty and the beast art
What are some images associated with the following fairytales?

I need to do an art project based on fairytales and children’s movies, but I can’t remember the stories of many of them and need help with the images

For instance, for “Cinderella” it might be a pumpkin, glass slipper etc.

What are some images associated with any of the following (or other fairytales):
– Cinderella
– Rapunzel
– Aladin
– the frog prince
– beauty and the beast
– little mermaid
– peter pan
– puss in boots
– thumberlina

thanks in advance

cinderella -fairy god mother castle [and above]
rapunzel- long golden hair, prince, tower
Aladdin- lamp, magic carpet, genii
the frog prince- princess,kiss
peter pan- captain hook, never land, tinkerbell, wendy,