Beauty And The Beast 3d

beauty and the beast 3d
are you excited things coming in 2011?

i know its the wrong section but are you?
i am

new show skins on MTV
new glee episodes
new pretty little lier’s episodes

lady gaga’s BORN THIS WAY album
blink 182 album
Kelly Clarkson album
rumors about paramore and beyonce album too!

twilight’s breaking dawn
harry potter 7? (not sure) 2nd part
SCRE4M (scream 4)
final destination 5
red riding hood
The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made (maybe lady gaga will be on it? not kidding)
also titanic, the lion king, and beauty and the beast, will be Re-released in 3D

Call of duty modern warfare 3-

The Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton!

and you know 2012 after that :O

I am excited for some things but not all. Born This Way and Skins Season 5 are probably the things I’m most looking foward to.