Beauty And The Beast 2010 Dvd

Whats the difference between the Beauty and the Beast blu ray editions?

So beauty and the beast is finally coming out and i was baffled by their blu ray editions being released. Theres this one witch is 18.00 but is called “Beauty and The Beast DVD Blu-ray(TM) Combo Pack + Book Collector’s Set” The box looks like this:×384/1048650.jpg

Then there is this one which is the blu ray combo for 24.00 and is called “Beauty And The Beast Diamond Edition Blu-ray™ DVD Combo Pack” box looks like this:

so i don’t really understand why the one thats the collectors editions is cheaper then the other blu ray edition when it comes with the same stuff plus more. Thanks for your help.

I believe the difference is packaging only. One is packaged as a DVD w/bonus blu-ray and the other is package as a Blu-Ray w/bonus DVD. Some people get into packaging I think.

I also believe on of them tells you (the 18.00 one perhaps), if you upgrade to Blu Ray you save money… so what you have to do is basically, turn in your VHS copy or DVD copy of Beauty and the Beast and you get the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo for 10 or so dollars off.