Barbie Beauty And The Beast

barbie beauty and the beast
Should the “Miss Universe” beauty pageant ban makeup, hair dye and beast implants?

The culture of beauty pageants has always been based on the Barbie mentality. The 18 to 25 year old contestants are required to wear expensive evening gowns and spend money on makeup, makeup artists, manicures, pedicures, skin treatments and expensive hair care. Many of the girls change their hair color and almost all of them wear fake eyelashes. A few of the girls are beautiful without makeup but many beauty pageant girls are average looking at best and must have makeup to look good. If hair coloring and breast implants where banned from the Miss Universe pageant and no makeup was allowed during the swimsuit segment the world could what the girls really look like. The girls could wear makeup during the evening gown segment only. What do you think? Does the world deserve to see the girls naturally so we can accurately judge who the most beautiful girl really is?

i agree. there should be no makeup allowed during the swimsuit segment (who wears full powder, false eyelashes, blush, etc to go swimming?).