Author Of Beauty And The Beast

Who wrote this story?

I'm writing a book of fiction, stories, and I have to know the original authors of some stories famous fairy. Anyone know who wrote, what? Beauty and the Beast of the twelve dancing princesses The Golden Mermaid Little Mermaid Snow White The Pied Piper Piper Cinderella The Princess and the Pea The Brave Little Tailor The Brave Little Princess Three Wishes Well End of the World The Three Treasures of Little Red Riding Giants Hood, Goldilocks Gingerbread Man's Daughter Jolly King of The Three Little Pigs (American version) Jack and the Beanstalk Henny Penny The Little Red Hen The Golden Goose "Jack Giant Murderer of Tom Thumb Rumpelstiltskin If you receive at least some of them might actually might help. Thanks.

The principal authors were Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, and some of them probably aseop fables. You can at and type the name of the plan to go and tell you who wrote and originally all other public accommodations.